Thursday, 11 November 2010

Felicity Jones in The Tempest

Big pic of Felicity in The Tempest...


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Monday, 28 June 2010

Hasbro's Star Wars Bespin Cloud Car

Here are a few photos of the new Bespin Cloud Car toy from Hasbro's Star Wars range. Whereas the Snowspeeder was perhaps my favourite Star Wars vehicle as a kid the twin Pod Cloud Car... was not. This was not the most exciting toy in the line and it's taken a while for Hasbro to get around to doing it again.

First here's the box art. The third photo shows the diorama.

here it is with the new Cloud Car Pilot figure in one of the "pods".

The underside.

The hatches open. I like that the gray bit is part of the hatch.

The pods separate and missile launchers extend.

There are also some equipment bays.

Here the pods are reattached but with the missile launchers visible.

This is a good attempt to make a "boring" toy more exciting and also provides a nostalgic fix for fans of The Empire Strikes Back.

Hasbro's Star Wars Snowspeeder

Here are some photos of the new Star Wars Snowspeeder that I bought today. The original was one of my favourite toys back in the early 1980s so I was keen to get the new one. The new version promises to be more scale-accurate to the figures.

Box art. The third photo shows the "diorama".

The toy as it is packaged.

Instructions and stickers for the cockpit detail.

The guns and harpoon are in the bag. Note the exposed detail that can be covered up if you choose.

The toy with the "realistic" non-firing guns attached and airbreaks open.

Luke and Dak inside.

The underside with the extended landing strut visible.

The cockpit open. There's great detail on the roof.

Uh, is that an AT-AT? (No, I haven't bought it. Yet.)

Monday, 26 April 2010